Quiz Nr. 5 - Answers

CAC (Chengdu) FC-1/FJ-17

Question Nr. 1: CAC (Chengdu) FC-1/FJ-17

Aerotecnica AC-14

Question Nr. 2: Aerotecnica AC-14

Letov S-8

Bonus: Letov Š-8

Bonus question was quite hard - only two participants - Kari Koski and Jean Pierre Schell - have sent good answers. Congratulations.

CAC (Chengdu) FC-1/JF-17 - single-seat single-engine multi-role combat plane developed by China - Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) ana Pakistan - Pakistani Aeronautical Complex (PAC). Three prototypes are already built.

Aerotecnica AC-14 - Spanish five-seat helocopter developed on base of smaller AC-12 projected by Jean Cantinieau. It was powered by Turbomeca Artouste IIB engine.

Letov Š-8 - Czechoslovak race plane constructed by Ing. Šmolík in 1923. Airplane was powered by twelve cylinder engine Napier Lion with performance of 330 kW (450 HP).