Welcome to the this year fourth - totally 48th - quiz since start of this web site. This aviation photo quiz is orientated towards aircrafts from "east" and helicopters too. Hope, you will enjoy to participate in this aviation quiz and I'll be happy if I manage to surprise you with some photo of not well known aircraft of helicopter. Wish you luck with my aviation photo quiz.

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For a correct identification of an aircraft you win 1 point plus for a correct answer of bonus question next 3 points.
Attention, the extra points for bonus questions you could win only with correct answers for all quiz questions (1, 2 and 3)!
Maximum points is 6.
Right answers together with high score table will be on this site with next quiz questions.

If you want to have your name listed in Table of Winners, please, fill corresponding field in the form. Your e-mail address will be used only for sending you information about correct answers, new quizzes and in case of some problem with quiz answers.

Quiz No. 48


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Question 2


Question 3




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