Quiz No. 47 - answers

PZL Swidnik SW-4 Puszczyk

Question No. 1: PZL Swidnik SW-4 Puszczyk

Yakovlev Yak-1

Question No. 2: Yakovlev Yak-1

deHavilland DH.77

Question No. 3: deHavilland DH.77

Yokosuka MXY-1

Bonus: Yokosuka MXY-1

47th Quiz - 3dr in year 2008. Maximum points to earn were 6.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was X.XX (maximum 5 - very difficult).

PZL Swidnik SW-4 Puszczyk - Polish light single-engine multipurpose helicopter manufactured by PZL Świdnik. Powered by 335 kW (450 HP) Allison 250C20R/2 turboshaft engine. First flew of prototype on October 26 1994.

Jakovlev Jak-1 - Soviet fighter. First flight of prototype designated I-26 in January 1940, was competitive to types MiG-1 a LaGG-1. Totally 8721 built in various versions.

deHavilland DH.77 - lightweight monoplane fighter, first flown in 1929. The D.H.77 was powered by an air-cooled H-type engine Napier Rapier I with performance of 225 kW . Only one built.

Yokosuka MXY-1 - single-engined Japanese experimental plane.

Table of Winners:




Bill Lines Australia 6
Hans Høgh Denmark 6
Emilio Lafuente Spain 6
Juraj Andel Slovakia 6
Neil Evans UK 6
Pierre Vallet France 3
Indrek Aavisto Canada 3
Emmanuel Capart Belgium 3
Jean Pierre Schell France 3
Peter Butt Oman 2