Quiz Nr. 4 - answers

Arado Ar-95B

Question Nr. 1: Arado Ar-95B

Honda HondaJet

Question Nr. 2: Honda HondaJet


Bonus: ANBO-IV

Bonus question of Quiz Nr. 4 has to be probably Honda HondaJet. Few of participants have mistaken it with Raytheon Premier. ANBO-IV have been known to everyone.

Arado Ar-95B - Arado Ar-95 initially reconnaissance and light torpedo-bomber floatplane, later used as trainer - version Ar-95B has wheeled undercarriage. Aircrafts on photo were used by Chile Air Force, which receive 3 floatplanes Ar-95A and 3 Ar-95B with wheeled undercarriage in 1939.

Honda HondaJet - two-engine six-place business airplane. It is characterised by unusually installed engines Honda HF118 at pylons above wings.

ANBO-IV - Lithuanian light bomber and reconnaissance airplane, constructed in early 30s of 20th century. Prototype on photo was powered by Armstrong Siddeley "Panther" IIA engine.