Quiz No. 46 - answers

Tecnam P2006T

Question No. 1: Tecnam P2006T

RFB X-114

Question No. 2: RFB X-114

Weserflug We 271

Question No. 3: Weserflug We 271

Kalinin K-3

Bonus: Kalinin K-3

46th Quiz - 2nd in year 2008. Maximum points to earn were 6.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 3.57 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Tecnam P2006T - high wing, four seat, light twin engine airplane, with retractable landing gear and advanced all glass avionics cockpit. Tecnam P2006T is equipped with two fourcylinder four-stroke liquid cooled Rotax 912S engines of 100hp (73kW) each. The first official flight - 13. 9. 2007.

RFB X-114 - 6-7 seat plane that uses Lippisch ground effect. The X-114 is powered by a Lycoming IO-360 4 cylinder aircraft engine, driving a ducted propeller. It first flew in 1977.

Weserflug We 271 - German twin engine, all-metal, four seat transport amphibious flying boat . The We 271 first flew on June 28, 1939. Only one prototype was built.

Kalinin K-3 - Soviet ambulance airplane, built in 1927. It provided accommodation for a doctor and 2 stretchers (or four seats) for patients. It was fully equipped for medical purposes.

Table of Winners:




Jean Pierre Schell France 6
Emilio Lafuente Spain 6
Indrek Aavisto Canada 6
Hans Høgh Denmark 6
Neil Evans UK 6
Benny Jørgensen Denmark 6
Emmanuel Capart Belgium 3
Bill Lines Australia 2
Juraj Andel Slovakia 2
Peter Butt Oman 1