Quiz No. 45 - answers

Partenavia P-68 Observer

Question No. 1: Partenavia P-68 Observer


Question No. 2: AirScooter-2

Tachikawa SS-1

Question No. 3: Tachikawa SS-1

Putilov Stal-2

Bonus: Putilov Stal-2

45th Quiz - 1st in year 2008. Maximum points to earn were 6.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4.5 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Partenavia P-68 Observer - The Partenavia P.68 is an Italian six-seat, twin-engined, high-wing monoplane built by Partenavia and later Vulcanair. The P.68 Observer, which was an Italian/German development, has a transparent nose for use in police work and observation duties.

AirScooter-2 - single-seat ultralight helicopter with coaxial rotor built by AirScooter Corporation, based in Henderson, Nevada. It is powered by a single 65-hp four-stroke engine.

Tachikawa SS-1 - Japanese twin-Engined high altitude research. Development of the Type LO (license-built Lockheed 14) with a pressure cabin. Because of insufficient power of standard engines Ha-26-I new Mitsubishi Ha-102 double-radial 14-cylinder with performance of 702 kW (955 hp) in 5760 m. Prototype of SS-1 was built in May 1943.

Putilov Stal-2 - High wing braced passenger monoplane. It was first soviet passenger plane built from stainless steel. Also corrugated steel was used in construction of wings. Total 111 Stal-2 were built, all powered with 300hp Wright J6, M-26 or MG-31 engines. First flight of Stal-2 took place on October 11, 1931.

Table of Winners:




Bill Lines Australia 6
Emilio Lafuente Spain 6
Juraj Andel Slovakia 6
Neil Evans UK 2
Pierre Vallet France 2
Indrek Aavisto Canada 2
Jean Pierre Schell France 2
Hans Høgh Denmark 2
Benny Jørgensen Denmark 2