Quiz No. 44 - answers

Jabiru Calipso 3300

Question No. 1: Jabiru Calipso 3300


Question No. 2: LWS-3

Skandinavisk Aero Laerke K.Z. VII

Question No. 3: Skandinavisk Aero Laerke K.Z. VII

Tugan LJW-7

Question No. 4: Tugan LJW-7

Otto C.I

Question No. 5: Otto C.I

Boulton-Paul P.119 mockup

Bonus: Boulton-Paul P.119 mockup

Ikarus 452-2

Bonus: Ikarus 452-2

44th extended Quiz - last in 2007. Maximum points to earn were 11.
Only one of all participants knows the answer to Bonus 1 question - the mockup of Boulton-Paul P.119. Special 2 more points to him. Congratulations, Peter.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,5 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Jabiru Calipso 3300 - Australian advanced ultralight aircraft on amphibious floats. Powered by 3300 ccm lightweight four-stroke, horizontally-opposed aircooled engine.

LWS-3 - Polish observation and close reconnaissance aircraft, designed in the late 1930s. Prototype was powered by 14 cylinder air-cooled radial engine Gnome-Rhône 14M01 with 660 hp (490 kW).

Skandinavisk Aero Laerke K.Z. VII - built by Danish manufacturer of aeroplanes, founded by technician Viggo Kramme and engineer Karl Gustav Zeuthen.

Tugan LJW-7 - Australian light transport plane designed by Lawrence J. Wackett. Most Gannets were powered by two 200 hp D.H. Gipsy Six engines.

Otto C.I - Austrian twin-boom bomber powered by two 150 hp Benz D.III

Boulton-Paul P.119 mockup - full-size mockup of a private-venture jet trainer built by Boulton-Paul in August 1951. The aircraft was designed both for advanced jet training and armament training, being equipped to carry two 20 mm cannon, bombs and rockets. The P.119 was never built.

Ikarus 452-2 - Yugoslavian single-seat twin-boom experimental jet research aircraft. The first prototype flew in 1953. Two were built.

Table of Winners:




Bill Lines Australia 8
Emilio Lafuente Spain 8
Markku Kanninen Finland 8
Emmanuel Capart Belgium 8
Juraj Andel Slovakia 8
Kari Koski Finland 8
Neil Evans United Kingdom 5
Peter Butt Oman 4
Hans Høgh Denmark 4
Indrek Aavisto Canada 4
Benny Jørgensen Denmark 3
Jean Pierre Schell France 3
Graeme Campbell Australia 2