Quiz No. 41 - answers

Tupolev Tu-116

Question No. 1: Tupolev Tu-116

Silvercraft SH-4

Question No.. 2: Silvercraft SH-47

Potez 63.11-A3

Question No. 3: Potez 63.11-A3

Pomilio FVL-8

Bonus: Pomilio FVL-8

41st Quiz - maximum points to earn were 6.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 3.7 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Tupolev Tu-116 - VIP transport version of the Soviet Tu-95 bomber. Two built in 1957 and they served until 1991.

Silvercraft SH-4 - Silvercraft Italiana and SIAI-Marchetti jointly designed an all-metal three-seat helicopter. The prototype made its first flight in March 1965. SH-4 was powered by a 235hp Franklin 6A-350-D piston engine.

Potez 63.11-A3 - French three-place, two-engine, reconnaissance airplane originating in 1934. The first Potez 63.11 first flew in December 1938. Between November 1939 and June 1940, the Armee de l'Air took delivery of 723 Potez 63.11s.

Pomilio FVL-8 - Pomilio FVL-8 was designed at McCook Field by O. Pomilio. Six prototypes were built in 1918 in Indianapolis, USA. The F in the designation indicated fighter while the VL-8 identified the "Baby" V-8 Liberty engine.

Table of Winners:




Jean Pierre Schell Francúzsko 6
Emmanuel Capart Belgicko 6
Markku Kanninen Fínsko 6
Hans Høgh Dánsko 6
Benny Jørgensen Dánsko 6
Juraj Andel Slovensko 6
Peter Butt Omán 3
Neil Evans Veľká Británia 3
Pierre Vallet Francúzsko 2
Bill Lines Austrália 2
Emilio Lafuente Španielsko 2
Indrek Aavisto Kanada 2
Kari Koski Fínsko 2
Vojtěch Bill Česko 1