Quiz No. 40 - answers

Lockheed Martin (FMA) AT-63 Pampa

Question No. 1: Lockheed Martin (FMA)
AT-63 Pampa

HAMC (Harbin) Y-12

Question No. 2: HAMC (Harbin) Y-12

Vought XOS2U-1 Kingfisher

Question No. 3: Vought XOS2U-1 Kingfisher

Hurel-Dubois HD-10

Question No. 4: Hurel-Dubois HD-10

Tupolev ANT-31

Question No. 5: Tupolev ANT-31

Tachikawa KKY

Bonus 1: Tachikawa KKY

Aero A-102

Bonus 2: Aero A-102

40th extended Summer Quiz - maximum points to earn were 11.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,00 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Lockheed Martin (FMA) AT-63 Pampa - light attack-trainer (AT) plane built by Lockheed-Martin after acquisition of Argentinian FMA. It is powered by Honeywell TFE-731-2C turbofan engine with 3500 pounds of thrust. Its first flight occurred on June 30, 2005.

HAMC (Harbin) Y-12 - development of the Harbin Y-11 powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 turboprops. The Y-12 has a maximum payload of 5700 kg with space for 17 passengers (2 crew). Prototype first flew August 16, 1984.

Vought XOS2U-1 Kingfisher - main shipboard observation aircraft used by the United States Navy during World War II. It came in both float and land-based configurations. 1519 of the aircraft were built.

Hurel-Dubois HD-10 - French experimental plane. First flight of prototype August 25, 1948. It has a wingspan of 12 meters and an aspect ratio of 30.

Tupolev ANT-31 - First in the USSR all-metal low-wing monoplane with retractable landing gear. First flight on 27 May 1933. Serial production (as I-14bis) of 55 machines, 18 of them were put into operation.

Tachikawa KKY - KKY (Kogata Kei Kanja Yusoki - Small Type Light Patient Transport) Prototype was completed in December 1933. It was powered by Cirrus Hermes IV engine with performance of 89 kW. Only small number of aircraft were manufactured from 1936 to 1940.

Aero A-102 - Czechoslovak fighter aircraft was developed in response to a Czechoslovak Air Force requirement of year 1934, but was passed over in favour of the Avia B.534.

Table of winners:




Bill Lines Australia 11
Emmanuel Capart Belgium 11
Hans Høgh Denmark 11
Kari Koski Finland 11
Benny Jørgensen Denmark 11
Indrek Aavisto Canada 11
Neil Evans UK 11
Jean Pierre Schell France 11
Markku Kanninen Finland 11
Juraj Andel Slovakia 11
Pierre Vallet France 8
Peter Butt Oman 5
Vojtěch Bill Czechia 0
Chris USA 0