Quiz Nr. 3 - answers

Aero Ae-45

Question Nr. 1: Aero Ae-45

Kamov Ka-62

Question Nr. 2: Kamov Ka-62

Lazarov Laz-7

Bonus: Lazarov Laz-7

Airplanes in Quiz Nr. 3 were quite easy, accept bonus - Lazarov Laz-7 - only three of participants know it. Congratulations.

Aero Ae-45 - four-place all-metal aerotaxi and light business aircraft built in Czechoslovakia. The first prototype flew on July 21, 1947. Later versions Ae-45S and Ae-145 have some construction modifications and new engines.

Kamov Ka-62 - multi-purpose 14-place Russian helicopter. It was developed on basis of army helicopter Kamov Ka-60.

Lazarov Laz-7 - Bulgarina trainer and light bomber built in 1948. Zlin Z-26 "Trener" (and Z-226, 326...) wasn't copy of Laz-7, as you can find on internet, because first flight of Z-26 took place already on 1947.