Quiz No. 33 - answers

Mil Mi-6

Otázka č. 1: Mil Mi-6

Let L-200 Morava

Otázka č. 2: Let L-200 Morava

Nakajima G8N Renzan

Otázka č. 3: Nakajima G8N Renzan

Kawasaki Type 93

Otázka č. 4: Kawasaki Type 93

Caudron PV-200

Bonus: Caudron PV-200

No one win full amount of points (7) in 33rd round. French Caudron has been too difficult to all.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,16 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Mil Mi-6 - Soviet heavy helicopter. First flight in 1957. It is powered by two engines Soloviev D-25V each with performance of 4 045 kW.

Let L-200 Morava - Czechoslovak five-place all-metal aeroplane used as aerotaxi and tourist plane. Prototypes and initial series planes were powered by Walter Minor 6-III engine. Later engine M-337 was used. From 1964 were produced 367 of them including prototypes.

Nakajima G8N Renzan - (Rita in Allied code) Japanese four-engine land-based bomber used by Japanese Navy. Totally four of G8N were built from October 1944 to June 1945. After war one of them was tested in USA and later scrapped.

Kawasaki Type 93 (Ki-3) - Japanese light biplane bomber. 243 of them were built from 1934 to 1935. They were powered by Kawasaki BMW IX engine.

Caudron PV-200 - French all-metal amphibia.