Quiz No. 31 - answers

HAIG L-15 Falcon

Question No. 1: HAIG L-15 Falcon

Excel-Jet Sport-Jet

Question No. 2: Excel-Jet Sport-Jet

Letov Š-231

Question No. 3: Letov Š-231

Aerogypt IV

Bonus: Aerogypt IV

Full amount of points (6) in 31st round of Quiz achieved four participants . Congratulations.
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 3,71 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

HAIG L-15 Falcon - prototype of Chinese trainer jet plane. First flight March 13 2006. Prototype is powered by two Russian engines AI-255K-25F, serial planes will use Chinese WS-11 with thrust of 26,5 kN each with afterburning.

Excel-Jet Sport-Jet - 4-5 place tourist and business jet plane built by company Excel-Jet Inc., USA. Powered by one engine Williams FJ33-4A with thrust of 6,67 kN. First flight of prototype May 15 2006.

Letov Š-231 - Czechoslovak aircraft developed in 1931 from type Š-31. In competition for fighter aircraft for Ministerstvo národnej obrany Československa (National Defence Ministry of Czechoslovakia) in 1932 was defeated by Avia B-534. 25 were built (including prototypes). In 1937 were sold to Republican Spain. 3 of them survived Civil war.

Aerogypt IV - two-engines four place tourist plane built by Egyptian Saleh Helmy in Britain in 1946. Damaged during landing in 1947 and cancelled.