Quiz No. 30 - answers

Diamond D-Jet

Question No. 1: Diamond D-Jet

Boeing XF8B-1

Question No. 2: Boeing XF8B-1

EADS Barracuda

Question No. 3: EADS Barracuda

CASA C-207 Azor

Question No. 4: CASA C-207 Azor

Bolchovitinov S-2

Question No. 5: Bolchovitinov S-2

Mráz (Orličan) M-2 Skaut

Bonus 1: Mráz (Orličan) M-2 Skaut

Dobkevičius Dobi II

Bonus 2: Dobkevičius Dobi II

30th Summer extended quiz - all 11 points obtain three participants. Congratulations!
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,28 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Diamond D-Jet - Austrian single-engine 5 seat personal light jet powered by Williams FJ33-4 engine. Fisrst flight April 18. 2006

Boeing XF8B-1 - "Five-in-one" fighter (fighter, interceptor, dive bomber, torpedo or horizontal bomber). The development of three prototypes began in May 1943, only one was completed before the war ended and the other two were delivered after the war. It was powered by XR4360-10 Wasp Major with a contra-rotating propeller.

EADS Barracuda - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - technology demonstrator built by European consortium EADS. Powered by jet engine JT15D-5C with maximal thrust of 14 kN, built by MTU a P&W Canada companies. First flight April 2. 2006.

CASA C-207 Azor - spanish 30-40-passenger transport aircraft. Powered by two engine Bristol Hercules 730 with performance of 1522 kW. First flight of prototype September 28. 1955.

Bolchovitinov S-2 - soviet fast bomber prototype with two engines in tandem in front of the wing, each driving part of a six-bladed contra-rotating propeller. Flown in 1939.

Mráz (Orličan) M-2 Skaut - Czechoslovakian two-seat trainer aircraft constructed by Zdeněk Rublič. Powered by Praga D engine with performance of 75 HP. Only one built. First flight in summer 1948.

Dobkevičius Dobi II - aircraft designed by Lithuanian aviator Jurgis Dobkevičius in 1922.