Quiz Nr. 24 - answers

Breda BZ.308

Question Nr. 1: Breda BZ.308

Avia BH-8
Question Nr. 2: Avia BH-8

Heinkel He-57 Heron

Question Nr. 3: Heinkel He-57 Heron

SIPA S.300

Question Nr. 4: SIPA S.300

Ansaldo SVA 10

Question Nr. 5: Ansaldo SVA 10

Tupolev Tu-73

Bonus 1: Tupolev Tu-73

Aviatik (Mises) G.I

Bonus 2: Aviatik (Mises) G.I

The last quiz of 2005 year - it has three more questions. Maximum points to obtain were 11. This round shuffled overall rank of winners a bit. Questions were quite difficult, but not for favourites :-)
Average mark of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,7 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Breda BZ.308 - Italian four engine liner. First flight August 20 1946. Only one built.

Avia BH-8 - prototype of Czechoslovak fighter. Later modified and built in series as BH-17. First flight of prototype September 5 1923.

Heinkel He-57 Heron - all metal amphibia for two pilots and four passengers. One prototype built. First flight in 1931.

SIPA S.300 - French jet trainer built in 1954. It was powered by Turbomeca Palas engine. Program was cancelled after crash of prototype in 1955.

Ansaldo SVA 10 - Italian light bomber and reconnaissance airplane from 1918. Type was developed from single place SVA 5.

Tupolev Tu-73 - development type of Soviet bomber. It was powered by three jet engine. First flight in 1947.

Aviatik (Mises) G.I - Austrian bomber G.I was constructed by dr. Richard von Mises. G in name means "Grossflugzeug" - big airplane. Only three prototypes were built: 30.07 in June 1916, 30.17 in October 1916 and 30.18 in December 1916. All three prototypes were built by company Aviatik in Esingen near Wien.
30.07 was destroyed by accident 28 July 1916. 30.17 was also destroyed in 1917. 30.18 was taken away from Wien New Town by Italian after First World War ended.