Quiz Nr. 23 - answers

NAL Saras

Question Nr. 1: NAL Saras

Enstrom F28F Falcon
Question Nr. 2: Enstrom F28F Falcon

Fairchild XC-31

Question Nr. 3: Fairchild XC-31

Ikarus 214

Bonus: Ikarus 214

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NAL Saras - prototype of Indian business and light passenger plane. It is powered by two turboprop engines P&W Canada PT6A-66 with five-blade propellers.

Enstrom F28F Falcon - US light helicopter. Version F28F is last model of F28 type built from 60s.

Fairchild XC-31 - the biggest single-engine cargo plane. Only prototype flown in 1934.

Ikarus 214 - Yugoslavian light passenger and trainer aircraft. It was used also as anti-submarine with radar mounted under the nose. First flight of prototype 7 August 1949.