Quiz Nr. 20 - answers

Morganski EM-11 Orka

Question Nr. 1: Morganski EM-11 Orka

Aerocomp Air Jet

Question Nr. 2: Aerocomp Air Jet

Cierva Air Horse W.11

Question Nr. 3: Cierva Air Horse W.11

Baade BB-152

Question Nr. 4: Baade BB-152

Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1

Question Nr. 5: Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1

Junkers H.22

Bonus 1: Junkers H.22

DINFIA I.A.45 Quarandi

Bonus 2: DINFIA I.A.45 Quarandi

Holiday extended quiz. Maximum points to obtain was 11. Average sign of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,77 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Morganski EM-11 Orka - prototype of tourist, bisuness and sport biplace high-wing plane. It was buit in company Edward Morganski in Bialsko-Biala in Poland. First flight of prototype in 2003.

Aerocomp Air Jet - single engine eight-place airplane constructed from composite material in USA. First flight of prototype in 2004.

Cierva Air Horse W.11 - british helicopter built in 1947. Its one engine powers three three-blade rotors. It was the biggest world helicopter in time of its built.

Baade BB-152 - four-engine medium-range passenger transport aircraft . First flight in 1958. It was once and only airplane develop in East Germany, German Democratic Republic.

Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1 - experimental single-place navy fighter built in USA. First flight in 1930. Neskôr prepracovaný na XJF-2.

Junkers H.22 - fighter version of Junkersu H.21. H.22 was built in 1926. Because of weak performance wasn't built in series.

DINFIA I.A.45 Quarandi - argentinian five- to sixplace transport and business airplane. First flight in 1957. Only three prototypes were built.