Quiz Nr. 19 - answers

Antonov An-148

Question Nr. 1: Antonov An-148

Vultee V-1A

Question Nr. 2: Vultee V-1A

General Airborne XCG-16

Question Nr. 3: General Airborne XCG-16

I.A.R. - 37

Bonus: I.A.R. - 37

Some participant were confused by photo of An-148 - mostly its similarity to Antonov An-74TK-300. An-148 is quite similar but constructionally it is totally new aircraft. For first look it is diversified by e.g. windows at passenger cabin and main landing gear. Average value of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,0 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Antonov An-148 - Ukrainian passenger airplane for regional lines. It has capacity from 70 to 80 passenger. First flight of prototype December 17. 2004.

Vultee V-1A - single-engine all-metal passenger airplane for eight passengers.

General Airborne XCG-16 - prototype of US transport glider constructed by Vincent J. Brunelli. It was capable of carrying 40 troops or 4 tons of cargo. Only one was built.

I.A.R. - 37 - biplane reconnaissance aircraft built in Romania. 50 built.