Quiz Nr. 13 - answers

Vickers (BAC) VC-10

Question Nr. 1: Vickers (BAC) VC-10


Question Nr. 2: JL-9/FTC-2000

Korean Aerospace T-50 Golden Eagle

Question Nr. 3: Korean Aerospace T-50 Golden Eagle

Martin M-130

Question Nr. 4: Martin M-130

Letov S-218

Question Nr. 5: Letov Š-218

Aero Ae-50

Bonus 1: Aero Ae-50

Avia B-422

Bonus 2: Avia B-422

Last quiz of year 2004. Maximum points to obtain was 11. Average sign of difficulty according to your valuation was 4,18 (maximum 5 - very difficult).

Vickers (BAC) VC-10 - british long range liner buit for BOAC company. Later used by RAF as transport airplane and tanker.

JL-9/FTC-2000 - advanced trainer built in China. First flight of prototype took place on December 13. 2003. pokročilé cvičné lietadlo čínskej výroby. Aircraft is expected to enter service in 2005.

Korean Aerospace T-50 Golden Eagle - advanced trainer constructed in South Korea.

Martin M-130 - americký hydroplán zkonštruovaný pre tichomorské linky spoločnosti Pan American. Prvý vzlet lietadla 30. decembra 1934.

Letov Š-218 - Czechoslovak trainer constructed on base of Letov Š-18. 10 were delivered to Finland - later Finland bought licence.

Aero Ae-50 - Czechoslovak artilery observation airplane. First flight of prototype on April 14. 1949.

Avia B-422 - Czechoslovak acrobatic airplane, version based on Ba-122. On January 1938 were built two B-422.