Comparison of Praga E-51 a Fokker G.1

Praga E-51
Czechoslovak three-place reconnaissance and light bomber plane. First flight of prototype in 1936.
Differences at photography: engines - 2 twelve cylinder Vee inverted, air cooled with compressor, shape of tail fin, Czechoslovak roundels - Czechoslovak air force never used Fokker G.1. Not clearly visible at photography: Praga E-51 has fixed undercarriage, glassy front of fuselage.
Fokker G.1
Dutch heavy fighter. Firs flight with Pratt & Whitney R-1535-SB44-G Twin Wasp Junior engines took place March 16. 1937. At photography is extended three place version with engines Bristol Mercury VIII - radial nine cylinder. Airplane has retractable undercarriage.
Unofficial versions: G.1A - with engines Bristol Mercury, G.1B - with engines Wasp Junior


Praga E-51 Fokker G.1 (Mercury)
wing span: 15,60 m 17,16 m
length: 11,69 m 10,87 m
wing area: 35,44 m2 38,30 m2
- empty aircraft 3102 kg 3330 kg
- normal take-off 4120 kg 5000 kg
engines: 2 x Walter Sagitta I-MR 2 x Bristol Mercury VIII
engine performance: 404 kW (550 hp) 610 kW (830 hp)
maximal speed: 380 km/h 475 km/h
cruise speed: 330 km/h 383 km/h
ceiling: 7000 m 9250 m