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Walter Scolar

Walter Scolar

Nine-cylinder radial air-cooled engine built in 1936 by Czechoslovak company "Akciová továrna na automobily a letecké motory J. Walter Praha" (Incorporated company for automobiles and aircraft engines J. Walter Prague).

Engine was part of production series of radial nine-cylinder engines "Gemma", "Bora" and "Scolar". Engines have same bore but different stroke.

Engine Walter Scolar was used in airplanes Beneš-Mráz Be-252 "Beta Scolar" and Be-252C "Beta Scolar".

Specifications of Walter Scolar:

bore: 105 mm
stroke: 100 mm
total volume of cylinders: 7,8 l
pressure ratio: 5,4:1
dry mass: 155 kg
- take-off: 2500
- normal: 2200
- take-off 180 HP (132 kW)
- normal 160 HP (118 kW)