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Walter W-IV

Walter W-IV

Six cylinder single-row liquid cooled engine was produced by Czechoslovak company "Akciová továrna na automobily a letecké motory J. Walter Praha" (Incorporated company for automobiles and aircraft engines J. Walter Prague) from 1923 to 1925. Engine was made under licence of BMW company (BMW IV). They were used in reconnaissance airplanes Aero A-11, airliner Letov (Šmolík) Š-19 and in deHavilland DH-50A built under licence in Aero company.

In 1924 was built special compressed version marked W-300. It has performance of 300 HP (220 kW) at 1400 rpm and was used in racer aircraft Aero A-18C.

Specifications of Walter W-IV:

bore: 160 mm
stroke: 190 mm
total volume of cylinders: 22,92 l
pressure ratio: 9,18:1
dry mass: 305 kg
- take-off 1450
- normal 1400
- take-off 280 HP (206 kW)
- nominal 240 HP (176 kW)

Aero A-11

Reconnaissance airplane Aero A-11 - 1st Air Regiment in Prague.