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Soviet turbojet with axial compressor and afterburner.

Engine RD-9 was firs turbojet completely developed in Soviet Union in OKB Mikulin. First version was designated AM-5. Later with modified compressor named AM-9. When chief designer was replaced in 1956 from Tumansky to Mikulin engine was renamed to RD-9.

Engine versions:

RD-9A, RD-9AK - engine without afterburner chamber used in Yak-25M and Yak-26 (engine thrust 27,46 kN)
RD-9АF-300, RD-9-АF2-300 - engine with afterburner used in Yak-27 a Yak-28. 
RD-9B - engine with afterburner used in earlier versions of MiG-19.
RD-9BF-811 - basic afterburner version used in MiG-19.

Basic technical specifications of the RD-9B:

dry mass: 659 kg
diameter: 0,665 m
length: 5,555 m
total pressure ratio: 7,14
air mass flow: 45,3 kg/s
specific fuel consumption: 0,09 kg/N/h
specific fuel consumption with afterburner: 0,169 kg/N/h
turbine entry temperature: 860 °C
rpm: 11150/min
engine thrust: 25,51 kN
engine thrust: with afterburner: 31,90 kN

Schéma motora RD-9BF-811