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Engine Junkers JUMO 205

Engine Junkers JUMO 205
Engine Junkers JUMO 205

Six Cylinder liquid cooled with vertical opposed pistons. Powered by Diesel Oil.

Engine was developed at a base of JUMO 204 engine by Junkers factory under original designation JUMO 5 at the beginning of 30s of 20th century. There were produced about 900 engines until the beginning of WWII. Almost all were used in flying boats such as Dornier Do-18 and Do-26. Diesel engines JUMO 205 have low consumption of fuel and were very useful for long transatlantic flights. Engines were also used in initial serial production of Junkers Ju-86 and experimentally in other planes.

Basic technical specifications of the JUMO 205
(versions A, B, a C):

bore: 105 mm
stroke: 2 x 160 mm
total volume of cylinders: 16,6 l
length: 1,943 m
height: 1,325 m
weight: 570 kg
maximal power: 441,3 kW
rpm: 2200
used in aircrafts: Dornier Do 18, Do 24, Do 26
Focke Wulf A17c
Junkers Ju86, Ju52 3mho
Blohm & Voss BV138, BV139

Dornier Do 18

Dornier Do 18