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Jet engine DV-2

Engine DV-2

Jet engine DV-2 - low-bypass aircraft engine of two-shaft design features front wide-chord fan, mixing of streams and fixed exhaust nozzle. It is intended for use in trainers and light attack military aircrafts.

Manufactured by Povazske strojarne, Inc., Slovakia. Engines are used in aircrafts L-39MS Czech and Slovak Air Force and in L-59 Tunisian Air Force and Egyptian Air Force.

Engine construction consist of je tvorená two-stage low-pressure compressor, seven-stage high-pressure compressor and annular smokeless combustor. Both high and low-pressure compressor are air-cooled.

Specifications of engine DV-2:

dry mass: 474 kg
by-pass ratio: 1,46
total pressure ratio: 13,5
air mass flow: 49,5 kg/s
specific fuel consumption: 60 kg/kN/h
maximum turbine entry temperature: 1400 K
thrust (H=6km, v=700km/h, acording to ISA): 12,75 kN
maximat thrust (H=0, v=0 km/h, acording to ISA): 21,58 kN

Engine DV-2