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Let Z-37 "Čmelák" (Bumble-Bee)

Let Z-37
Let Z-37

Agricultural airplane used for crop-dusting has been made in Czechoslovakia from 1966 to 1977.
Low-wing aircraft with metal frame and duraluminium sheet, partially with canvas. It has STOL capabilities. Aircraft is powered by radial nine-cylinder engine M-462RF (czechoslovak version of the soviet engine Ivtsenko AI-14RF) with performance of 206/232 kW (280/315 hp).
Application tank has volume of 700 l or 600 kg of chemicals.

Specification of Z-37:

 wingspan: 12,22 m
 length: 8,55 m
 wing area: 23,80 m2
 - empty 985 kg
 - maximal take-off 1850 kg
 engine: M-462RF
 performance: 232 kW (315 HP)
 maximal speed: 216 km/h
 range: 640 km
 service ceiling: 4050 m