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Sukhoi Su-7BM

Sukhoi Su-7BM
Sukhoi Su-7BM

Sukhoi Su-7BM (M - modified) is developed on base of Su-7B (B - bomber). Production started in 1963and ended in July 1965. Airplanes of this version were exported to Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Su-7BM differs from Su-7B by modified fuel system. It can carry more fuel and is recognized by fuel pipes at back of airplane. External fuel tanks can be carried also on hard-points under fuselage and wings. Total volume of fuel with four external tanks is 6050 l of T-1, T-2 or TS-1 kerosene. Su-7BM was powered by Ljulka AL-7F1-150 engine.

Armament consist of two cannons NR-30 in the wing roots with 70 rounds for each cannon. Airplane can carry up to 2000 kg of payload. Su-7BM is able to carry nuclear bomb 8U69 (5 kT).

Sukhoi Su-7BM at the display was used in Czechoslovak Air Force and has three colour camouflage with black number 5608 on fuselage.

Specifications of Su-7BM:

wing span: 9,309 m
length: 16,607 m
height: 4,990 m
wing area: 34,0 m2
- empty 8328 kg
- maximum take-off 13 830 kg
- maximum landing 10 350 kg
engine: Ljulka AL-7F1-150
engine performance: 7000 kp
with afterburning 10 110 kp
maximal speed:
- at sea level 1150 km/h
- at 12000 m 2 M (Mach)
range: 1410 km (with 4 external tanks)
ceiling: 19 050 m