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Sukhoi Su-22M4

Suchoj Su-22M4 4012
Suchoj Su-22M4 2702

Su-22 is export version of soviet fighter-bomber Su-17.

Prototype marked Su-7IG made its first flight on 2 August 1966 as first soviet plane with variable geometry wing. Serial production of Su-17 began in 1970. Su-17 were powered by AL-7F-1-205 engine. 2820 Su-17 of all versions, including export versions Su-20 a Su-22, were built in Komsomolsk on Amur until 1991. Former Czechoslovakia obtained between 1984 and 1990 52 Su-22M4 and 8 Su-22UM3K. All were powered by engine Ljulka Al-21F-3S - slightly modified engine Al-21F.

Two Su-22M4 displayed in Museum were used by Vzdušné sily OS SR (Ozbrojené sily Slovenskej republiky) - Air Force of Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic: 4012 (s/n 40512) and 2702 with white letter C at tail fin (s/n 27002).

Su-22M4 2702 (initially mistakenly designated as 7002) was delivered to Czechoslovakiain March 1984. Was built as older version, in time of delivery was without TV seeker system, with older system of seat belts, and with only two chaff/flare dispenser on the rear fuselage — later completed to four. After arrival it was assigned to the 1st wing 47th recconaissance regiment in Pardubice. Last time it served at 2nd airbase Air Force of Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic in Kuchyňa in 1st fighter-bomber wing.

Su-22M4 4012 was delivered as a part of big series Su-22M4 from May to August 1989. It was assigned to the 20th fighter bomber regiment in Náměšť nad Oslavou. Alike as 2702 last time served at 2nd airbase in 1st fighter-bomber wing.

Specifications of Su-22M4:

wing span: 10,02 - 13,60 m
length: 19,26 m
height: 5,12 m
wing area: 24,45 m2 (swept)
38,49 m2 (spread)
- empty 10 670 kg
- maximal take-off 19 430 kg
- maximal landing kg
engine: AL-21F-3S
engine thrust: 78 kp
with afterburning 112,5 kp
maximal speed:
- at 200 m 1 350 km/h
- at 11 000 m M=1,7
range: 2550 km (with four external tank 800 l each at 10 000 m)
ceiling: 12 000 m

Versions of Su-17: