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Sukhoi Su-15TM

Sukhoi Su-15TM Single-seat all-weather interceptor constructed in Soviet Union. Gift to Aviation Museum Košice from President of Ukraine Leonid Kučma.

Construction of Sukhoi Su-15 begins in 50s under pod designation T-5. Aircraft was bigger than his ancestor T-43 (Su-9), wing of which Su-15 used. Last version, Su-15TM (Typhoon modification) has wing with reduced sweep and new improved radar Tayfun-M. Armament is carrying at six underwing hard-points. On outer hard-poins mid-range air-to-air radar and IR guided missiles R-98M, at inner hard-points missiles for air combat R-60 with IR guidance. Aircraft can carry two UPK-23-250 containers with 23 mm cannons GŠ-23L (250 rounds).

Specifications of Su-15TM:

wing span: 9,34 m
length: 21,42 m
height: 4,81 m
wing area: 36,60 m2
- empty aircraft 10760 kg
- normal take-off 16900 kg
- maximal take-off 18000 kg
engine: 2x Tumanskij R-13F 2-300
maximal thrust: 2x 64,70 kN
maximal speed:
- at ground level 1400 km/h
- in altitude 12000 m 2230 km/h
range: 1780 km
service ceiling: 18500 m


Sukhoy Su-15TM Sukhoy Su-15TM