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Nanchang Q-5 Fantan

Nanchang Q-5

Nanchang Q-5 (Qiang-5, Qiangjiji-5 - attack plane 5) - Fantan in NATO code. For exporting purposes marked as A-5.

Shenyang Aircraft Factory started to work on Q-5 in 1958. Aircraft was derivative of fighter J-6, it was Chinese copy of Russian MiG-19. Development Later allocated to Nanchang Aircraft Factory (now Hongdu Aircraft Industry Group). First flight of prototype 4 June 1965. Serial production started at the end of 1969.

Q-5 is powered by two Shenyang WP-6 (Wopen-6) engines, derived from Russian engines Tumanskij R-9BF. Main armament consist of two 23 mm cannon Norinco 23-2K , in the wing roots. Each cannon has 100 rounds. Maximum bomb carrying capacity is 2,000 kg.

From fuselage number 30521 is possible to identify unit which used this aircraft. It was 31st regiment 11th Air Division PLAAF (Siping, Jilin Province).

Aircraft if gift from Chinese President to Slovak Technical Museum in Košice and will be part of so-called Presidential Aircraft Gallery. Q-5 was transported to Slovakia by ship from China to Amsterdam and later by car to Košice where it was completed by Chinese experts.

Specifications of
Nanchang Q-5 Fantan

 wing span: 9,70 m
 length: 15,415 m
 height: 4,5 m
 wing area: 27,95 m2
 - empty 6 494 kg
 - normal take-off 9 468 kg
 - maximal take-off 12 000 kg
 engine: 2 x Shenyang WP6
 maximal thrust: 2 x 25,5 kN
 maximal thrust with afterburner: 2 x 31,9 kN
 maximal speed: M=1,1
 range: 2 000 km
 ceiling: 15 850 m


Photo kindly made available by Otger van der Kooij from Netherlands.