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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM

MiG-21UM Nr.0475

Two-seat training version of fighter MiG-21.

First fly of MiG-21U (two-place version of MiG-21F-13) take place in 30th of October 1960. Later versions was MiG-21US and MiG-21UM. A total of 1133 MiG-21UM were built.

Specifications of MiG-21UM:

wing span: 7,15 m
length: 12,18 m
height: 4,80 m
wing area: 22,95 m2
- empty aircraft 5610 kg
- normal take-off 8000 kg
Internal fuel 2030 kg
engine: R-11F2S-300
maximal thrust: 64,70 kN
maximal speed:
- at ground level 1150 km/h
- in altitude 12000 m 2230 km/h
range: 1760 km
service ceiling: 17300 m


MiG-21UM Nr. 0268 MiG-21UM Nr.0475 MiG-21UM Nr.0475