Aviation Museum Košice


Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MA

MiG-21MA Nr.1209 Improved version of fighter MiG-21SM powered by R-13-300 engine and with radar Sapfir-21 (Sapphire). New armament was added: close range missiles (4 pcs) able hit manoeuvred aircraft at close distance.

Aircrafts of this versions were made from 1970 to 1974 at Moscow and in 1975 at Gorkyi. Also have been made from 1973 to 1983 in India.

There are three Slovak Air Force MiG-21MA at the display of Aviation museum. Two without camouflage at metal colour (numbers 1209, c/n 961209 and 1210, c/n 961210) and third at brown-green camouflage on upper side and in light blue colour at bottom side (number 2707, c/n 962707).

Specifications of MiG-21MA:

wing span: 7,154 m
length: 13,46 m
height: 4,80 m
wing area: 22,95 m2
- empty aircraft 5350 kg
- normal take-off 8200 kg
Internal fuel 2200 kg
engine: R-13-300
maximal thrust: 63,6 kN
maximal speed:
- at ground level 1300 km/h
- in altitude 12000 m 2230 km/h
range: 1030 km
service ceiling: 18200 m

MiG-21MA Nr.2707 MiG-21MA Nr.1210 MiG-21MA Nr.1210