Aviation museum in Košice


Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19PM

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19PM Single-place fighter equipped with radar. MiG-19PM version has only missile armament, unlike basic version MiG-19.

MiG-19 was first supersonic fighter serially produced and put into service. Aircraft was developed at a base of SM-2 test aircraft. Prototype SM-9 (improved SM-2) was equipped with two engine Tumanskij AM-9B has maiden flight at 5th of January 1954 piloted by G. A. Sedov. Even before end of tests SM-19 under designation MiG-19 entered into production and from 1954 it was put into service. More than 2000 aircraft of all versions was made in USSR. Under designation S.105 was MiG-19S produced under licence in Czechoslovakia. There were built 103 aircrafts. MiG-19S was made in China under licence under designation J-6. J-6 I and J-6 II were in China under licence built MiG-19P and MiG-19PM.

Aircraft MiG-19PM was equipped with radar Izumrud-2 (Emerald) RP-1U, later series with RP-2U. Radar has range of 12 km and guiding range from 6 to 8 km. Aircraft with radar is 360 mm longer than version MiG-19S.

Armament consist of four missiles RS-1U in early versions, later of RS-2U missiles (NATO code AA-1 Alkali).

Czechoslovakia obtained 33 MiG-19PM from 1959 to 1960. One of them with number 1113 became an exhibit of the Museum.

Specification of MiG-19PM:

wing span: 9,00 m
length: 13,25 m
height: 3,90 m
wing area: 25,00 m2
- empty aircraft 5673 kg
- normal take-off 7730 kg
- take-off with two 400l external fuel tanks 8464 kg
internal fuel: 1800 kg
engine: 2 x Tumanskij AM-9B (RD-9B)
maximal thrust: 2 x 31,88 kN
maximal speed:
- in altitude 10000 m 1250 km/h (Mach = 1,15)
- in altitude 15000 m 1130 km/h (Mach = 1,06)
range in altitude 10000m: 1000 km without external tanks
climbing to 15000m: 4,8 min
service ceiling: 17250 m