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R-26S Góbé

R-26S Góbé

Hungarian school glider R-26S Góbé is high-wing airplane constructed from metal with two tandem seats in cockpit. Common instrument panel is situated in front of frontal seat. Rear seat - for instructor is elevated. Wing has modified profile Gö 549 and is slight forward swept. The glider is fully built of metal (aluminium), and some parts are covered by linen.

First flight of R-26S took place in 1980 (R-26 its ancestor 6. May 1961). Together with R-26 were built about 250 gliders.

Constructer of glider was Ernő Rubik (he was born in 1910 in Piešťany, now in Slovakia) - father of inventor of famous "Rubik's Cube".

Specifications of R-26S Góbé:

wing span: 14,00 m
length: 9,00 m
height: 1,96 m
wing area: 18,00 m2
- empty airplane 220-240 kg
- in flight 440 kg
wing loading: 24,4 kg/m2
best gliding ratio: 23,7; at 81 km/h
W min: 0,95 m/s; at 76 km/h
maximal speed: 210 km/h