Aérospatiale SA318C Alouette II
Aérospatiale SA318C Alouette II
Aérospatiale SA318C Alouette II
Engine Turbomeca Astazou IIA

Aviation Museum in Košice


Aérospatiale SA318C Alouette II

Light helicopter for two pilots and three passengers constructed in France. Aviation Museum in Košice obtain it as a so called presidential gift from the Kingdom of Belgium.

Helicopter with number A75 production (serial) number 2095/707C-A171 was used by unit 16 BnHLn (Battalion of liaison helicopters) in Liége-Bierset, Belgium.

Specifications of SA318C:

length: 12,05 m
height: 2,75 m
rotor diameter: 10,2 m
- empty 895 kg
- normal take-off kg
- maximal take-off 1600 kg
engine: Turbomeca Astazou IIA
performance: 395 kW
cruise speed: 165 km/h
maximal speed: 185 km/h
range: 600 km
ceiling: 3300 m

Photos kindly made available by Ing. M. Gazárek
and Fred Ťukot, Košice, Slovakia.